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Where it all began

Incisive Decisive takes a sprinkling of Colin's blogging and a pinch of Shaun's podcasting 'expertise' and turns it into something bigger and better than the sum of its parts.




Shaun Sellars

Shaun Sellars is a general dentist from deepest, darkest Lincolnshire.

He is a self-confessed evidence nerd and is currently part way through a Master's Degree in Dental Law and Ethics.

Along with the podcast, Shaun will be writing an accompanying blog, expanding on the topics that are touched upon every episode.

Shaun also co-hosts the 'chaotic and sweary' Last Tuesday Project Podcast.

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is a dentist in Nottingham and a recovering fat-o-holic.

He works clinically as a surgeon because he is not good at anything else in dentistry, he also does a little bit of lecturing and teaching on the subject of Oral Surgery, Dental Implants and Ethics in Dentistry amongst other things.

Colin has been a dentist for nearly 25 years and is hugely proud of that fact. He is recognised as having quite a big mouth and swears a lot. He is generally happy to ask the questions that other people don’t ask which seems to get some quite interesting answers. 



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